Petrus and Pardette was (Live) at St Lucia Estuary Mouth

Petrus and Pardette was (Live) at St Lucia Estuary Mouth

The St Lucia Experience
Fish On Lures

Ecofrost Solar Solutions

Montana Saw Mill

4u2Stay – Let Your Holiday Find You
St Lucia is a place of work so necesario most videos will be surrounding St Lucia and the beaches along this beautiful coastline. We would love to share our love for St Lucia, the Estuary, The Beach and self-guided walking trails with everyone. Sharing our St Lucia Experience with you.

Extreme Boating
Since a small child, my affection for the Estuary and the ocean was bound to enter a relationship with SUV’s and Boats. Under the banner of Extreme Boating, we would love to share our encounters with boats with our viewers.

Pardette Cam
Somedays we will be spending just by ourselves and we would love to share those experiences with the viewers under the Pardette Cam Banner.

The Richards Bay Adventure/Experience
4u2Stay – Let Your Holiday Find You
Here in Richards Bay Pardette is couped up and get’s cabin fever more often than not. So we will be visiting her favourite play areas, my fishing spots and the beaches at Richards Bay. This adventure will receive its own banner.

Pardette in The Bush
It Will be when we visit our family smallholding outside Hluhluwe
4u2Stay – Let Your Holiday Find You

Petrus on Safari
Will be about my encounters in and about the Game Reserves. Unfortunately, these outings will be without Pardette.
Kosi Bay
The News With Petrus
Still a work in progress

4u2Stay – Let Your Holiday Find You
Petrus Viviers

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Petrus Viviers move to St Lucia Estuary with his parents in 1969.
Started a career
….. as an Estate Agent in 1987 (Non-Practicing. Acting as a facilitator)
….. as a Photographer in 1989 (On-Going)
….. as Tourguid in 1996 (No Practicing)
…. Holiday Facilitator in 1997

Autor: Petrus and Pardette

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