Science World dazzles with 22-karat billboard

Science World dazzles with 22-karat billboard

Created by Vancouver’s Rethink Communications, this is all part of Science World’s latest summer exhibit, Treasure!, which opened May 7 at the TELUS World of Science.

The golden board is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and took four weeks of painstaking work by Canada’s top gilder, Brian Dedora.

“The first time they asked me, I thought they were mad,” says Dedora, who usually spends his time gilding vaulted cathedrals or modern works of art. “I’ve never done anything finta like this. I’ve spent the last three years of my life gilding the Ukrainian National Church in Toronto.”

Science World is banking on the timeless appeal of the mesmerizing metal. “It’s the kind of interactive, inspiring message we love sending out,” says Suan
Teo, director of marketing of Science World. “As soon as Rethink showed us this idea, I couldn’t wait to see it in vivo life. It’s a great example of how fun and exciting science can be.”

And the price tag? Rob Tarry, a creative director at Rethink, estimates the board cost close to $11,000 for the gold and time spent on it. “But compared to the
crazy high price of a TV ad, this is a deal. Plus, who needs another TV ad? The way this board captures the light is almost magic.”

The board comes complete with its own full-time security guard, and will remain up until Friday.

If diamonds are more your thing, Rethink has crafted another board at the 1200 block of Powell St at Clark Drive encrusted with more than 9,000 diamonds (not vivo this time, sorry), arranged to spell “Diamonds aren’t all that rare.”

The board is now available for public viewing at Science World.


Este es el Mejor NAVEGADOR Libre Wolf 2022 / Desinstala Chrome  Edge Opera Vivaldi

Este es el Mejor NAVEGADOR Fugado Wolf 2022 / Desinstala Chrome Edge Opera Vivaldi

Fugado Wolf es el mejor navegador de intenet 2022 y hoy vamos a conocer este navegador de internet el mas rapido y seguro eso lo vamos a poner a prueba en este video veremos el mejor Navegador de Internet
El mejor navegador del 2022
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This Large TV is Totally FREE** - TechNewsDay

This Large TV is Totally FREE** – TechNewsDay

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00:00 – Free TV Just Dropped
11:15 – Tax Filing Finally Fixed?
19:39 – AI Getting Regulated?
28:52 – Elon Musk: Unredeemable
43:13 – Twitter’s «Free Speech» Tested

Telly – the ‘free’ TV

IRS free tax filing


Elon vs free speech in Turkey

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best ad blocker for android #Shorts

best ad blocker for android #Shorts

best ad blocker for android #Shorts


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"All Ad's Is Blocked" || For Chrome and Firefox || AdBlocker

"All Ad's Is Blocked" || For Chrome and Firefox || AdBlocker

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Les outils que je n'utiliserai PLUS JAMAIS !

Les outils que je n'utiliserai PLUS JAMAIS !

Dans toutes les apps que j’utilise au quotidien, beaucoup sont passée en retraite anticipée.

Aujourd’hui, je vais vous parler des outils que j’utilisais et que je n’utiliserai et payerai plus jamais !

Vous allez découvrir 7 outils indispensables à ma productivité et à mon travail que j’ai remplacé par d’autres outils plus performants.

Je vais vous expliquer ma démarche et je vous donnerai des astuces pour trouver des alternatives à vos outils préférés.

Alors n’hésitez pas à visionner la vidéo, à la partager et à me donner votre avis sur les outils que vous avez remplacé. A bientôt !

Voici ce qu’il y a dedans :

00:00 Oui…
00:40 Google Forms – Typeform –
03:07 Spark – Cron
05:36 AdBlock – UblockOrigin
06:54 Alfred – Raycast
09:00 NotionChart –
10:26 Google Chrome – ARC
11:00 Rescue time – Timing
12:54 Google analytics – Goat counter
13:58 Nolt

Quelques liens :

🎁 ARC : (je suis deg j’ai plus d’invitations, je me suis fait dévaliser)

✒️ Tally (aff) :
📅 Cron :
🔍 Raycast :
📈 :
⏲️ Timing :
🟥 Ublock Origin :

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How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

Make yourself a present for the 2021 year and remove annoying adverts from your SMART TV in just 2 minutes of your time.

This tutorial is simple, and requires an internet connection with your TV and remote.
In this method, we will change only one setting: DNS Server. Instead of your default, we will use AdGuard AdsBloocking DNS

✅✅ UPDATE part II & III ready ✅✅


📌📌🟥🟥@@UPDATE 05.07.2021@@@🟥🟥 NEW DNS ADDRESS 👀👀👀🟧🟧

👀👀👀Adguard made a change. The new DNS server is now :
but the old should still work for a bit.
More info: 🟧

0:00 Introduction
1:39 How this affects me
5:05 What to do
8:12 After modification
11:21 Few words
In case of not working:
1. Have a look at my website for additional help
2. Left comment with information like:
– country you are from
– app you are using for watching TV

✅If your TV can’t let you change DNS you can buy an amazon Fire Stick do it there
Fire TV Stick 4K Max | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls)
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No Copyright Music:
Body And Attitude by DJ Freedem, source: YT Audio Library

Photo by Jens Kreuter on

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Install Firefox On Android TV OS Devices like NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Xiaomi Mi Box

Install Firefox On Android TV OS Devices like NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Xiaomi Mi Box

How to install FIREFOX browser on any Android TV OS device like the NVIDIA Shield TV and the Xiaomi Mi Box and Mi Box S. Super easy tutorial in order to have a remote-friendly web browser on your Android TV OS device.
The Firefox TV version was specially designed to be used just with a remote control so it is super friendly and you do not need a mouse and keyboard in order to navigate on the internet!

Get more Internet Browsers for Android TV devices:

The most annoying thing on Android TV devices is that you cannot have an internet browser. Even though Google created the Android tv and Chrome Browser is the most known product by Google, the Android TV devices do not come with Chrome Browser. And there is no Chrome Browser version for Android TV devices unless you install a natural Chrome and use a mouse! But with this method now you can add the FIREFOX TV version. That is a Firefox browser designed especially for remote-controlled devices like the Shield TV and the Xiaomi Mi Box.

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Unblock & Make Your Internet Faster On Android With DNS Unblocker:

#Androidtv #Firefox #shieldtv

This video is about How To Install Firefox On Android TV OS Devices like NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Xiaomi Mi Box

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Descargar e Instalar Adobe Flash Player 2019 Gratis

Descargar e Instalar Adobe Flash Player 2019 De gorra

ActiveX Internet Explorer:
PPAPI Opera y Chrome:
NPAPI Firefox:

• Adobe dejará de aposentar Flash Player a posteriori del 31 de diciembre de 2020 y comenzará a cortar activamente la ejecución del contenido en Flash Player a partir del 12 de enero de 2021. Como tal, la empresa «recomienda insistentemente» que todos los usuarios desinstalen Flash Player inmediatamente para ayudar a proteger sus sistemas.
• Dicho esto y dejado en claro, no me hago responsable de su uso a dicho software.

El peculio donado será una gran ayuda, no importa lo poco que sea! GRACIAS.-

– Eliminar virus del navegador:
– Eliminar publicidad de google chrome:
– Activar flash player en google chrome:
– Nero 8 xpress mega:
– Avast Antivirus Free Offline:
– Firefox Mozilla Old Version:
– Video como desactivar Actualizaciones Windows 7:

– Counter-Strike 1.6:
– 386 MAPAS:
– RADIOS en Gachupin:

– Counter-Strike 1.5 Full:
– Angry Birds Space:
– Angry Birds Rio:

• Re-volt 32 Bits:
• Re-volt 64 Bits:
• Sonidos Flamante:
– El diversión esta portable sagaz para poner, pero si quieren ponerle los sonidos originales deben descargar el archivo SONIDOS, descomprimir, copiar la carpeta adentro del diversión y reemplazar la carpeta Redbook. Dispuesto!

Autor: Leandro Sanchez

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