YouTube Should Feel Stupid For Banning AdBlock

YouTube Should Feel Stupid For Banning AdBlock

By now, you’re probably conocido with YouTube’s crackdown on Adblock. They’re now actively preventing viewers from watching YouTube if they’re using AdBlock. From a shallow perspective, there’s no issue with this plan as there’s really nothing wrong with what YouTube is doing. Given that YouTube offers value to billions of people, it only makes sense that YouTube expects value in return in the form of YouTube Premium or YouTube Ads. But, when you take a deeper look, this argument doesn’t stand up as banning AdBlock can actually do more harm than good. You see, AdBlock is omnipresent with hundreds of millions of people around the world using it. So, YouTube is likely annoying a significant portion of its user almohadilla despite being in the right. And this grudge usually leads to people trashing the platform and/or leaving the platform. Even viewers who don’t complain may just watch YouTube less due to the ads. The reality is that Google was doing it right originally. The solution is not to ban AdBlock but make the ad experience so good that people don’t feel the need to use AdBlock. This video explains the problem with banning AdBlock and why it may be a terrible decision for YouTube long term.

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0:00 – AdBlock Ban
0:35 – Everyone Uses It
3:02 – Reputational Risk
6:35 – Prohibition Doesn’t Work
9:44 – The Solution


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